Monday, April 18, 2016


The seed coat consisted of leathery separable structure that IS hard and juiceless. It has a dual red color with dingy green tinged. As soon as the seeds are fully ripen, its green covering will dry and then split. The endocarp (rough shell) that enclosed them dropped out.

The shell has ovoid shape, with yellow buff color flattened in form. The outer surface of the shell has small holes. It has fibrous materials that sometimes thin and friable. The seeds showed rounded at one end and pointed at the other end covered with the corresponding coat.

The size of the tree is moderate more or less 30 feet high. It has branches that spread out evenly. The leaves are lance-shaped, serrated in its edges. The plants has characteristic to flower first before the emergence of leaves.


It considered demulcent. It has beneficial nutrients mostly required for healthy body. It is good remedy for constipation softening and relaxing the solids in the stomach. Good for bronchial disease in the lungs.

It was used for the relief of tickling cough, suppresses irritation and prevent hoarseness of voice due to inflammation caused by colds and flu. The prepared emulsion found to have the ability to soften and remove stones in the kidney, bladder and obstruction in the biliary ducts.

Use to relieve heartburn due to excessive production of acid. It reduces the impact of acid because of Gastro-Esophageal Reflux (GERD). The oil from the seeds is good remedy for chapped hands. It considered as pain reliever in all manner of painful sensation in the lung.
Good for the treatment of pleurisy.

 Excessive production of gas will result to colic. With the use of the plant, colic is prevented and gas formation is reduced. The use of oil makes hands and face smooth and soft. The oil cleanses spots and pimples of the skin. The oil can relieve chest pain due to heart trouble.

Putting in the temple will relax headache. Ointment preparation can restore clearness of sight. Almond butter has benefit to the heart, it relaxes the brain and liver complaints. The prussic acid of bitter almond found to cure intermittent fever. It serves as vermifuge. Bitter almond was used as aperient, diuretic and cure for hydrophobia.

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