Monday, April 18, 2016


It is dainty, white flowered umbelliferous annual about 18 inches high, with secondary feather-like leaflets of bright green.


It serves as carminative and pectoral, good for cough and dry cough where expectoration is difficult. 

It was used as form of lozenges. 

The seeds were used for smoking to promote expectoration.

Volatile oil has beneficial action on the bronchial tubes.

 It is good remedy for bronchitis and spasmodic asthma. 

Oil with hot water is immediate palliative. 

Used for infantile catarrh. 

It is good remedy to prevent falling sickness (epilepsy).

It was used to prevent hiccups.

It served as stimulant and carminative.

Found to have ability to get rid of flatulent and colic.

 It diminished the griping of purgative medicines.

 Found to be of use for the prevention of convulsion.

The oil has preventive ability against insects.

 It served as good antiseptic.

 It was used for indigestion and troubled stomach.

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