Monday, April 18, 2016



It is creeping root-stocks, moving not so deep below the surface, long, tough growing quickly around the vacant space. It rapidly spread fast into large population of the plants in only short period of time. They are best suited to grow fast in moist soil of woods and thickets.

The deeply cut leaves rose upright directly from the separate un-branch stem. With it is the star-like flowers go together. Below the flower positioned the three leaflets deeply separated appearing more than three of them like a true leaves. The leaves protect the flower buds by wrapping it around before the buds unfolds.

Once the bud opens, it stalks together going far above them. The flower has no honey for the bees to visit. It has little scent to attract insects. Only few insects visit the flowers for purpose of fertilization of its one-celled seed vessels. The seed vessels were arranged in mass formation in the center of the many stamens (acheness).


It was used externally with its rubifacient effects to some of the diseases of men. The various parts of the plants (seeds, flowers, leaves, bark, etc.) have the same effect if applied for the treatment of headache.

It is best for the treatment of rheumatic gout. It has better purpose to serve as a bath for the body with the disease of leprosy by using the decoction of leaves. The use of ointment preparation can relieve the inflammation of the eyes. Ointment application can cleanse the corroding ulcers of the skin.

It has helpful effects for watery nose due to cold and expels the build-up of mucus (phlegm) in the respiratory tract. It has beneficial effect for the treatment of lethargy.

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