Tuesday, January 5, 2010


It is a herb from Europe that comes from a flowering plants of daisy family. Using fresh and dried flowers to make tea and oil.


(Oil) - azulene, chamazulene, pro-azulene, bisabolol, farnesine, pinene, anthermal, sproether, angelic acid, sesquiterpenes.

(phytonutrients) - flavones, glycosides, bitter glycosides, valerianic acid, tannins, salicylic acid and coumarin derivatives.

(flower) - volatile oils, flavonoid

It has a sedative effect to the nervous system. If taken, the mind is calm and more relax and eases uncontrolled nervousness. It helps to minimize the effect of any stress, anxiety, irritability and panic attack during the day. It has the capacity to combat depression and other unhealthful stresses in life by relaxing the brain muscles. It relaxes the muscles and nerves to prevent tiredness of the body. It enhances to have a relaxing and refreshing sleep. It helps to alleviate sleep disorder or insomnia.

It has benefits to control the presence of flu, cold and fever. It promotes would healing because of an anti-inflammatory capacity and have an effective relieving action. It is helpful in preventing colic spasm of children during their teething period.

It remove gas in the stomach by enhancing proper functioning of the internal organ (stomach) to improve its digestive action and avoid intestinal discomfort. It has an anti-bacterial activity in the urine against urinary tract infections. It helps boost the immune system capable to fight against diseases of the mind and body.

It alleviates muscles spasms due to increases of amino acids. It eases the pain of burns, wounds and scrapes. It controls the uncomfortable feeling from itching because of allergies. Good for skin condition like eczema, chickenpox, diaper rash, psoriasis. It has an anti-oxidant properties to assist the body to remove free radicals. Its essential oils help control irritations due to insect bites.

The tea is good as relaxing alternative for foot bath. It is used as gargle to soothe a sore throat serving as a mouthwash. A tea from foliage and flowers has antispasmodic effect by reducing muscles spasm. It is a diaphoretics, a capacity to produce perspiration.


Boil water. Placed dried chamomile flowers in a tea pot of cup. Use 2 teaspoons of the flowers per 8 oz. of water. Pour the boiling water over the flowers and cover the pot or cup. Allow the tea to steep for the period of 40 minutes. Drink it with satisfaction 2 times a day(morning and afternoon).

Side effects: Using the tea over the recommended dosage or its frequency of use can cause drowsiness, vomiting or have skin irritation It induces abortion. It is a blood thinner. Using the same properties with the modern medicine has risk.

Friday, January 1, 2010



Essential Oil is extracted through distillation of its leaves and flowering tops to make properties like cineol, estragole, ocimene, phellandrene as components in making an essential oils.


(oil) - anti-rheumatic, aperitif, digestive, deodorant, emmenagogue, stimulant, vermifuge.

(Chemicals)- estragole (methyl chavicol), ocinene and phellandrene, cineol

Good for the improper circulation of the blood in the limbs. It is also helpful in the removal of toxins and the presence of uric acid. It enhances the secretion of digestive juices in the stomach for the purpose of increasing appetite to eat. Help to carry out in the distribution of all the nutrients, enzymes, hormones and oxygen throughout the systems of the body.

Stimulate secretion of digestive juices to speed up digestion by breaking down the food converting into different nutrients. It inhibits the growth of bacteria in the skin keeping odors away from the body.

Good for menstruation by regulating its period, eases flow of blood and clears any obstruction in menses. It is a good relief for abdominal pain (stomach cramps), fatigue and nausea. It has a stimulating action to all the systems of the body (brain, nervous, digestive, circulation). It has capability in removing intestinal parasites.


The leaves has different components like estragole, ocimene, tannins, bitters, flavonoids, coumarin, terpenes.

It can treat toothache by numbing the mouth and eases the pain. It becomes a favorite digestive aid and sedative. It has the capacity to prevent heart disease. It serves as antidote for poisonous insects and snakebites. Good substitute for salt to those having hypertension.

Promotes production of the bile. Aid digestion. It can eliminate toxic waste in the body by using tarragon tea. Gives healing properties for problems in stomach and liver. Good fighting medium in the elimination of worms in the stomach.

It has the capacity to relieves stomach acidity, exhaustion due nervousness, lack of sleep (insomnia).

Uses: fresh and dried leaves, roots


Pour 1 tablespoon of tarragon leaves to 1 cup of boiling water for 10 minutes. Drink it daily as a tea.

Pour 1 ounce of tarragon leaves to 1 quart of boiling water and stand it for 10 minutes, strain, then drink for the removal of parasites in the stomach.

Chew leaves for hiccup.

Inhalation of dried leaves in 2 to 3 cups of boiling water is a good treatment method for insomnia, depression and headache.

Crushed leaves and its application to small cuts in order to fight bacteria.


A thin threadlike materials found at the end of the corn husk or a silky tassel running a length on the ear of corn. Its purpose is to collect pollen to fertilize the seed of the corn. Without our knowledge, corn silk has many other herbal uses for the treatment of health disease.

Properties: calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, silicon, saponins, PABA, vitamin B, C and K, alkaloids, mucilage, volatile oils, allantoin, maysin.


Corn silk has a soothing effect in the remedy from acute inflammation and chronic irritation in the urinary tract (cystitis, urethritis, prostatis) in men. Good for bladder infection and urinary tract infection in children. Has ameliorative action and strong antiseptic by removing toxins in the body. Good in the treatment and reduction of deposit and irritation from the kidney including urinary bladder.

Has the capability in the removal of stones and gravel accumulated in the urinary tract.A chronic irritation from the bladder or a weakened bladder is the cause of frequent irritation. Corn silk can relax and soothes the muscular lining of the urinary tubules and bladder relieving its irritation. It acts on prostate disorder, inability to pass urine out from the body properly.

It has the ability to heal as topical or external remedy for the treatment of wounds and skin ulcers. A simple poultice made from corn meal can be applied to bruises, sores and boils. It can treat jaundice and the swelling of the body.

It has a lowering effect for high blood pressure. It can detoxify metabolic waste including accumulated toxins, a threat to life. It can stimulate production of bile in the liver.

A herbal infusion by means of fresh and dried corn silk is the main preparation. In making a poultice, decoction from corn meal for direct application to the wound and sores.

Using silk in the cob is a good brew. The infusion is done by pouring a cup of boiling water to the corn silk to be infused for 5 minutes. It is then to be strain and ready for a drink.

In making a herbal drink, use 2 teaspoons of dried silk in making a cup of this health drink.