Friday, March 4, 2016


Ginger is a common plant produced in large scale for commercial purpose. It was a perennial plant that has rhizomes, the underground stem used in cuisine as spice. At the same time, it was used as herbal alternative for many diseases of our time.

It has volatile oils if the rhizome was dried and pounded. The oil has chemical properties medically proven to have active constituents responsible for treating specific illness. This is where the odor and taste of the ginger has been formed. The chemical constituents of the aroma were zingiberene and bisabolene. The constituents of its pungency were shogaol and gingerols.

The healing effects of ginger have anti-nausea property. It is best to control vomiting. The troubled stomach is the result of over-production of acids. The stale taste can cause anyone to vomit.

Long distance travel through land transportation vehicle or riding in vessel for trip to other places may cause seasickness due to constant motion. With ginger on the trip its control nausea and relaxes the ill-feeling inside the stomach.

Stomach ulcers cause abdominal bloating. The manufacture of gas is painful and uncomfortable but with ginger it minimizes gas production and control the abnormal bloating to get worse.

The inflammatory condition of muscles and limbs was the proof of rheumatism and arthritis in action. It causes the joints to get inflamed. There is redness all around the affected areas. Ginger can relieve the pain due to inflammation and minimize redness.

There were many causes of diarrhea. Diarrhea occurred due to the population of bacteria in the digestive system. When bacteria and other organisms control the intestines it cause change reaction by altering the normal digestion.

 Too much water inside the stomach with high concentration of the bacteria will result to diarrhea episode. It can only be controlled by taking modern anti-diarrhea medicines effective to kill the germs inside the intestines. Herbal medicine has the same effect to treat diarrhea and ginger can give the same comfort as modern medicines do.

Due to changes in weather condition anyone can catch with colds and flu. Ginger has anti-bacterial property best for the treatment of an illness related to bacterial infection. Respiratory disease was among them. If the situation is not as grave as it should be, to use ginger to ease coughing was found to be effective.

To use ginger has certain limitation for pregnant women. It should be avoided because ginger has compound that cause mutation in the chromosomes affecting the condition of the fetus.

For individual that has moving sickness repeatedly, drinking hot water diluted with 1 gram per day will serve its purpose.

Ginger serves as tonic of the digestive tract. It has the ability to stimulate good digestion. It tones the intestinal muscles. It protects the sensitive mucus lining against all kinds of chemical irritants preventing damage to the intestinal wall especially drinking alcoholic drink that has great effect to the condition of the intestines.

It also protect the effect of taking NSAID drugs (anti-inflammatory) that will irritate the mucus lining especially taking it with empty stomach. With ginger it helps for the prevention of all kinds of ulcers.

Ginger has anti-clotting effect to the blood.  It gives the blood platelets to be less sticky that may cause obstruction of the arteries. A healthy heart is healthy life. Ginger has the ability to support the condition of the cardiovascular system.

Drinking ginger preparation should not be taken with empty stomach especially if the person has established ulcer disease. It is also not advisable to drink ginger mixture if the person has gallstone. It will aggravate the condition and worsen the situation.
Allowable level of using dried ginger powder.

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