Friday, March 4, 2016


Tea is a popular healthful drink. It was distributed worldwide. You can see them almost every commercial stores, pharmacies and distribution centers. It was produced in large scale. Plantations are like mushrooms sprouting in every corners of the world. It is a profitable business aside from its healthful benefits.

Te has different varieties but they were from the same plant, Camellia sinensis. The varieties were categorized as green, black and oolong, the most popular kinds of tea. There are still many of its kinds raised somewhere with the same benefit and effectiveness.

They plucked leaves that were healthy without blemish may either be fermented or to remain to its natural form during the processing. Green tea was not fermented. The active constituents remained fresh and unaltered while black and oolong tea were prepared through followed the fermentation process.

Tea was used as medicinal and social drink. It is medicinal because it has healthful benefits against many diseases. Socially, it was used in gatherings as refreshing drinks.

The chemical properties of tea contain volatile oil, caffeine, vitamins and minerals. It has primary constituents (chemical compound) of polyphenols. Catechin is polyphenols. It was the reason why tea has the ability to promote good health and better alternative to put all the body systems on the go.

It was shown that green tea can lower total cholesterol level in mild capacity. It decreases (LDL) bad cholesterol and increase (HDL) good cholesterol to higher level. It makes the platelets in the blood less sticky promoting good cardiovascular system.

It can give full protection from cholesterol damage due to oxygen. It increases the anti-oxidant activity in the blood those gives better protection against the damaging effect of free radicals. It prevents atherosclerosis as it control the oxidative damage to LDL cholesterol.

The polyphenol is responsible for anti-cancer prevention. It inhibits uncontrolled spread of cancer cells in the skin. It has the ability to prevent other types of terminal cancers.
It reduces formation of plaque and dental carries. It stimulates the production of new cells in the immune system. Its anti-bacterial constituent is good in the prevention of many kinds of bacterial infection.

It protects the liver from any damage due to modern lifestyle. It prevents bacteria in the gut and minimize odor of fecal waste. Tannin in tea prevents iron absorption. It minimizes headache due to stress and other emotional disturbance. Too much fatigue can cause body pains. Green tea gives relief to pains in limbs and muscles.

It promotes better digestion and calm troubled stomach due to gas production. It enhances the ability of the immune system to protect the body from many diseases. A weak immune system makes progression of certain disease fast and deadly. It has detoxification effect and removes various toxins in the body. It energizes the body to full power. It can withstand the many stresses during the day.

Constant drinking tea found to prolong life.

The recommended dosage for taking green tea:

-Take 3 cups of green tea per day (minimum).
-Take 10 cups of green tea per day (maximum).

If fresh green tea is to be used, mix it with 1 cup boiling water and steep for 3 minutes. 

There is decaffeinated green tea sold in the trade. It is good to use as it was processed to remove caffeine.

Taking tea with caffeine will cause anxiety and insomnia.

Drink tea (w/out caffeine) for healthy body and healthy life.

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