Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Onion was one of the spices in past centuries. It was used in many parts of the world. A menu is not complete without it. It was now become part of our meal preparation dueing the day. Many farmers entered into full production to sell to the market. It is profitable in raising onion. The demand is high because of its popularity among kitchen users. 

Sometimes the price goes higher than the normal price especially if there is shortage in supply due to changes in weather condition that most farmers feared reducing their expected harvest or there is total failure in planting.

Aside from being the best spices for food production, it was found that it has herbal benefits in some common illness of men. Each plant has each unique chemical compound. The chemical properties were the reasons for healing specific disease.

Its active sulfur compounds are allyl propyl disulphide and flavonoids (quescetin). The strong scented oil was due to sulfur. The tearing sensation (tears in the eyes) during the cutting of the onion is due to the compound called thioproanal S-oxide or lacrimatory factor.

Due to its anti-oxidant ability, the onion and its oil constituents can kill many kinds of microbes. Our body was resided by many forms of bacteria it may be good or bad. Most bacteria concentration can be found in the lungs and in digestive tract (intestines). The damaging microbes caused disease. Only better and potent kinds of medicines or herbal alternatives can neutralize its population and eradicate the threat.

The severity of the diseases depends on the degree of bacterial control to the human body. It can only be protected if the shield against various threats is effective. If the immune system is weak, damaging free radicals will invade. The immune system is the only protector for the bacteria to be neutralized. It is where onion is helpful for the added protection.

Allyl Propyl disulphide has the ability to block the breakdown of insulin by the liver. It stimulates insulin production by the pancreas. Such chemical interaction increases insulin and reduce the sugar levels in the blood those controlling diabetes.
It was the same sulfur compound that contains anti-inflammatory effect by inhibiting the formation of thromboxanes. It also inhibit the action of platelet-activity factor.

Onion can be prepared by the following:

-Direct application to skin inflammation and other skin diseases.

-It can be prepared as syrup acted as cough suppressant.

-It can also be prepared as herbal tincture.

Onion has the ability to relieve pain from insect stings. It neutralizes the venom. As anti-inflammatory, it has healing effect on boils.

To kill the germs from dog bites, it can be used as initial treatment so that the rabies, if there’s any can be suppress to enter into the interior of the wounds until such time that the victim is brought to the hospital for final treatment.

Onion has pungent smell. It is not good to be taken fresh in the mouth. It can cuse smelly breath. The usefulness of onion was already tested. The continuing research will uncover additional benefits of onion not yet discovered.

The popularity of onion will remain in our heart. We always remember it every time we are in the kitchen because the food we prepared has the taste of the spice we can’t forget.

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