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It is a perennial herbs with black turnip-like roots, hairy broad leaves with small bell-shaped, white creamy, pink and purple flowers. The rootstock is fleshy, branched, internally white, hairy stems grows up to 3 feet branching only on top.

Comfrey were traditionally used by the people in the past several centuries found to be abundant in the Asian countries that thrived good in a temperate climate. Later, it was found in other parts of the globe, in wet places, ditches, along the river banks, grassy places which they preferred. This herbs can stand erect reaching a height of one meter. It has a hairy features all over the plants.

Properties: allantoin, rosmarinic acid, symphyline, echimidine, isobaurenol, sitosterol, tannins, lasiocarpine, pylosterols, interpenoid (isobaurenol), phenolic compound, pyrolizidine, alkaloids,inulin, gamma-linoleic acid, saponins, beta-sitosterol.

Several centuries had passed, it was used as a good remedy for wounds and cuts using preparation to speed up healing. Application to the affected skin can expedite immediate wound healing. Its usefulness does not limit to repairing the skin tissue but also good in the healing of broken bones, fractures, bruises and burns and inflammation due to sprains.

There are already many countries cultivated this herbs for commercial use because of its importance of having a nutritive value similar to the green-leafy vegetables we used in our table. It contains vitamins and minerals our body needs. It was a fact that this herbal plants found to have many uses in our daily lives. It become an important remedy for the treatment of our various illness.

It has a high percentage of mucilage that good for the treatment of intestinal disorders. The presence of dysentery and diarrhea due to harmful toxins in our stomach. The intestines were affected by bacterial infection from the unsafe food we eat then comfrey plant is the answer. It has the capability to stop diarrhea in a shorter period of time. It has an anti-bacterial properties ideal for this kind of treatment.

To those with pulmonary problems due to cough and colds or other most serious respiratory ailments, this herbs is the best alternative. Gingivitis, the cause of bleeding gum is due to bacterial infection where comfrey plants is of best help to ease the pain of the bleeding gum and control the bleeding. The use of the decoction from the leaves can stop the bleeding of the intestines due to gastro-intestinal problem like internal ulcers. The leaves of the plant can also a good remedy for pain relief due to burns, boils and abscesses or infected deep cuts of the skin because of its anti-bacterial properties.

Skin infection due to fungus make comfrey an ideal medium for anti-bacterial and anti-fungal treatment. Comfrey is also found as cough suppressant and expectorant and mild sedative. With its application and other method of treatment by using roots or leaves allow a rapid growth of new cells to replace those dead cells in the skin through rejuvenation of the cell tissues.

Aside from having vitamins and minerals, it also has high fiber content for the prevention of free radicals. The function of allantoin is to promote wound healing and regeneration of tissue. It is diffuse through the skin and tissues. It help to promote strong bones and healthy skin. The presence of pepsin is the properties to aid digestion.

Comfrey was considered a laxative. It has a substance to relieve diarrhea. It is good in food digestion that most of us has bowel disorder. It is haemostatic that can prevent blood clotting.

Action: anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anodyne, astringent, expectorant, emollient, haesmostatic, preliferant, vulnerary, sedative.

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