Sunday, March 21, 2010


It belongs to parsley family. Native in Western Asia. Used as culinary and medicinal properties. Chervil can be mix with fish, chicken and egg dishes. It is mild in flavor. It existed around 2,000 years ago. Easy to grow indoors. If outdoor, it should have a shade as protection from the heat of the sun. It can be planted by seed. It has a long taproot. Cultivated due to culinary purposes.

Properties: ethereal oil, methyl-cavicol, fatty acids

It has Vitamin A and C. Rich in minerals and vitamins, zinc, potassium, manganese, iron, calcium, phosphorus, copper, selenium, magnesium and vitamin B. It is good in the treatment of acne. Has a healing effect for eczema. It has the capacity to reduce inflammation of the body due to allergies. It can treat digestive and stomach problem as well as relieving stomach pain.

Used as tea. It can improve the circulation of the blood. It reduces the occurrence of cellulite. Good for the treatment of varicose veins and hemorrhoid. It reduces fluid retention during menstruation. It has the capacity to lower blood pressure. It can assist to patient with cystitis, kidney stones and bladder disorders.

Good for those suffering from painful and irritated eyes. Has the capacity to cure liver problem. Good alternative treatment for cold and flu. Clear up skin problems. Used as freshener and tonic to skin. Reduces puffiness of the skin due to allergy. Most helpful in bladder disorders like cystitis and kidney stones.

Used as digestive aid for normal function. Considered as blood purifier. Can alleviate the pain from insect bites, cuts. Use as facial mask for cleansing the skin or face. It can deter wrinkles. A diuretic and expectorant. It can cure hiccups by eating the plant. Good in uterine hemorrhage.It has a healing action as anti-inflammatory resolvent. It is good for the eyes.

Uses: Fresh leaves and stem to flavor soups, salads, scent mixtures. Chervil juice can be applied topically or internally. As tea (tonic drink). The fresh leaves used as poultice. Good as salad and condiments. Used as cream.

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