Sunday, February 17, 2013


The plant grew in marshy land and other watery areas. It is a water plant commonly used in fish aquarium. Most of plant parts were found to have benefits in treating disease.
Bacosides and saponins are chemical compounds found in leaves of the plant that has therapeutic action against human diseases. It has diuretic or tonic properties that benefit the heart and nervous system.
It shield against the attack of convulsion. It was found to the problem of getting sleep or having insomnia. It leads to improvement of mental alertness and memory retention. Memory loss is common to people in old age. But with Bacopa it refreshes the abnormality of memory acquisition and enhances the ability to remember things that has long forgotten.
Bacopa has great promise for epileptic person by reducing the attack mode of the disease. Stress can damage the physical and mental health but with Bacopa the brain can withstand the damaging effect of stress and other emotional disturbance.
Inattentiveness and forgetfulness may be sign of deteriorating capacity of the brain to maintain alertness. Bacopa can change the way the brain works. For those having Alzheimer’s disease, Bacopa has great promise to alleviate the effect of the disease. It reduces the risk of cognitive impairment (age-related) especially dementia. It has rejuvenating effect for brain and nerve cells. It is used as natural sedative for increased emotional stress.
Being neuro-protective natural herbs, it influences the action of the nervous system preventing neural malfunction as the result of cognitive deficiency. It has anti-oxidant property to protect the brain against damaging free radicals. Likewise, it becomes the protector against harmful toxins. It helps to reduce anxiety and depression by calming the brain from emotional upset.
The herbal extract relaxes the muscles that control the blood vessels and the distribution of blood to the different body systems. It also relaxes the muscles in the airways of respiratory system. It has the ability to treat and heal ulcerative disease in the stomach.
It is bitter astringent. Other phytochemica properties are bacosides, glycosides, flavonoids (luteolin, apigenin), alkaloid and saponins.
The herbal extract is more useful to invigorate the mind, enhances the ability to learn and improves poor concentration. There is peace and calmness in the mind improving mental processes to lessen the effect of emotional disturbances, working under heavy pressure affect the clarity of thought and reducing better performance of the job.
Excessive use of the plants may result to muscle fatigue, nausea and dryness in the mouth. There is mild gastro-intestinal discomfort.
It is supportive to increase resistance of the body against different stressor chemically, physically and biologically. It induces the production of neuro-transmitter serotonin beneficial to the performance of the brain. It has positive action to have healthy neuro-transmitter balance.

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