Friday, January 1, 2010


A thin threadlike materials found at the end of the corn husk or a silky tassel running a length on the ear of corn. Its purpose is to collect pollen to fertilize the seed of the corn. Without our knowledge, corn silk has many other herbal uses for the treatment of health disease.

Properties: calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, silicon, saponins, PABA, vitamin B, C and K, alkaloids, mucilage, volatile oils, allantoin, maysin.


Corn silk has a soothing effect in the remedy from acute inflammation and chronic irritation in the urinary tract (cystitis, urethritis, prostatis) in men. Good for bladder infection and urinary tract infection in children. Has ameliorative action and strong antiseptic by removing toxins in the body. Good in the treatment and reduction of deposit and irritation from the kidney including urinary bladder.

Has the capability in the removal of stones and gravel accumulated in the urinary tract.A chronic irritation from the bladder or a weakened bladder is the cause of frequent irritation. Corn silk can relax and soothes the muscular lining of the urinary tubules and bladder relieving its irritation. It acts on prostate disorder, inability to pass urine out from the body properly.

It has the ability to heal as topical or external remedy for the treatment of wounds and skin ulcers. A simple poultice made from corn meal can be applied to bruises, sores and boils. It can treat jaundice and the swelling of the body.

It has a lowering effect for high blood pressure. It can detoxify metabolic waste including accumulated toxins, a threat to life. It can stimulate production of bile in the liver.

A herbal infusion by means of fresh and dried corn silk is the main preparation. In making a poultice, decoction from corn meal for direct application to the wound and sores.

Using silk in the cob is a good brew. The infusion is done by pouring a cup of boiling water to the corn silk to be infused for 5 minutes. It is then to be strain and ready for a drink.

In making a herbal drink, use 2 teaspoons of dried silk in making a cup of this health drink.

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